The Playtest Official Release!

After spending a good deal of the summer working on my first EP under the name "Cool Nerd Mark", I've sent these six tunes to the world. 

Listen on Spotify!

Purchase mp3 album on Amazon for about six bucks or 99 cents a track!

Listen to songs on my Youtube Page

You can already view them at some of the links on top of this page, and by the middle of next week, I'll also be on Spotify, which will be HUGE!  Okay, at least for me.  It means that I've made something that I'm proud enough of to put out there in the world.  It's still home studio quailty, but I have to start somewhere, right?  Anyway, this has been a major learning experience for me..there are so many things I'd do differently if were starting again from scratch, but I felt it was time to turn the page and start working on some new tunes, which I will do later this month after taking a bit of a break.  

The new project has a working title of "Cool Nerd Mark: Second Edition" and will feature a few songs I've been playing for awhile, and a few I have ideas for writing.  If you've followed my music for awhile and were wondering if a song you heard might be on The Playtest, it will probably wait until this project.






Stay tuned for more music from Cool Nerd Mark!

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