Starting the next album: Studio Rennovation

The first step in creating the sound I want for my second album project (tentatively titiled "Cool Nerd Mark: Second Edition") is improving my recording space.

(I thought about posting pictures, but then I thought better of putting all of my easily sellable gear on the internet in photographic form).  So here's a picture of the empty room from a realator site


My intention is to make some changes that will improve it aesthetically, but more important, accoustically

Here is my plan

1. Get rid of clutter--I love all my tiny art postcards on the wall, but it's really busy and distracting.   They were great when this room was my home office for fighting off lockdown blues, but now that I'm in the office every day, they are kind of a distraction when I'm trying to work on recording and mixes.  I can find a better way to save those back, maybe a scrapbook or a nicer presentation in another room.

2. Add accoustic panels. I ordered some blue and black accostic foam panels from Amazon, and I've been watching videos on the best way and places to install them.  They arrive tomorrow, and after a couple of days of unboxing expansion, will be ready to hang on the wall.

3. Re-paint the wall--with a little help and friendly advice from someone with a more discerning eye, I will choose a paint color and repaint the room before hanging them up.  

4. Get a better desk--I"m still working on the makeshift desk I made by nailing scrap wood to a four cubby shelf so I could have something to work on , and then nailing two cheap Ikea shelves together to make a stand for my second monitor.  Yeah, I think I could do better than that.  Looking at a few options.

5. Get some studio monitors--a better option than just headphones for listening to mixes.  I'll still use the headphones as well--it would just be nice to hear my mixes in the monitors, and the room treatment will help with that even more.

I've leared a lot from the first EP, and I the first thing I want to do is create a better space to , well, create in.

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