Second album production has started!

Just started working on the next album this weekend.  I'm beginning to get into a routine for recording, the proces steps I've landed on are

1. Write the song (unless it was already written)

2. Choose Reference tracks--3 songs that are similar in style but professional mixed/mastered and commerically successful.  I can use these when mixing and/or recording as a comparison for certian things like loudness,tempo, effects, etc.

3. Create a "guide track"--a rough recording of the song that I can listen to in headphones while I record individual tracks.  Even for a simple song like "Bread Dog", where I"m just singing and playing guitar, using the guide track, then recording guitar and vocals seperately, allows me to set levels independantly for those tracks.  That being said, I"m thinking about skipping this step for one song on the album and doing guitar and vocals simultanteously with two mics--just to see what that sounds like with the new accoustic treatment, which by the way, makes a HUGE difference in the sound of guitar, vocals, and other instruments.

4. Record indivdual tracks

5. Set volume levels for each track.  Use reference track for comparison

6. Use EQ to create space for different frequencies, such as making the vocals stand out over all the instruments, and to get rid of any frequencies that are creating unnessecary noise

7. Use compression and/or automation to make the loudest parts a bit quieter and the quietest parts louder.  This is most important on vocals--you still want dynamics, but you want to control the dynamic range.  I have also learned tha compression can add some nice tonal qualities on certian instrucments.

8. Add some other effects that enhance the sound, such as reverb (to create the illusion of a larger recording space) and delay (another way of doing the same thing)

9. Use another round of EQ and compression if needed

10. Adjust the volume again after messing with all the things

11. Send it to the robots for mastering.  After all, won't they all be our robot masters someday?

So far I've started on two songs. They are older songs I'll be re-doing for Cool Nerd Mark, but I've got plans to write some new material as well.

SMASH!  A punk-rock style celebration of the Incredible Hulk, based on the 2009 Marvel Movie.

Luminous-A funky song about another little green dude, Yoda!

I'm really diging what I can do with Robot drums, but I also recorded some live Bodhran for Luminous, so I"m excited to hear what that sounds like mixed in and out with the loops.  More updates soon!



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