Finally got around to reviewing comments on this site (humorously redacted)

I've been really busy recording this new album and keeping up with my day job, I neglected to approve the comments that our dedicated robot fans have been posting.  I do have a policy against having sponsers on the site that are

1. Evil


2. Aren't paying me any money for their advertisement.

Therefore, I have removed any links or brand identifiers, and added some embellishment in Italics to make this more amusing.  I hope in the future to collect more of your robot letters and have more fun mutilating them.

Here you go


We also support unlimited [popular streaming video site] videos about Conan the Destroyer, Ice Cream, Naps, and Star Trek to [website address redacted] into mp3 online and save them to your [cloud storage]. To convert a video you just have to copy and paste the video URL into our converter and we will auto convert the [streaming platform] Video to Audio File,and then we’ll buy you ice cream. 

No item on the planet can fulfill every individual who attempts it.  However, the possibilities that you will be content with your buy are almost certain if most of clients who have a comment about their involvement in a [product name removed, use your imagination] are positive. 

The [Nuclear Kryptonite Laser] name has acquired the [Legion of Doom] admiration of [superviillians] all around the world since they give quality items and great client care. You will track down the specific model and size of [Death Laser]  warmer for your home, business, or evil portable floating amphibious lair. 

Choosing a grease monkey before you really [website for keyboards nosequitorily inserted into the middle of a sentence about car mechanics?]  ​need one might be a decent method to help you from settling on a crisis decision that might cause wastage of additional time and cash as you and your plucky crew of misfits have a cargo to deliver and aim to keep flying.  Might I recommend my second cousin, Miss Kaylee Frye.

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