Working on the new album!

I've been doing some exciting work on the second Cool Nerd Mark Album, "Second Edition"!

I've focused on two songs, "Smash" and "Luminous"

One of the hardest parts of recording is getting timing right.

After taking Luminous to a song writer critique event and getting my mix pretty much envisorated for the timing, I went back to the studio and re-recorded several tracks, and timeshifted others, and I"m getting nearly ready to send that one into mixing mode.

I have plans for several other older songs I want to record, and I'm kicking around some songwriting ideas.

I had initially thought I'd try to get this ablum out by the end of November, but the first of the year I think is a more realistic goal.  No one is beating down my door to release a new album, so I might as well take my time and put out something that's quality.

I don't have any fun pics for this one, so I'll just leave you with this, which just so happens to be a lyric on one of the songs I'm working on.

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