1. Down the Well

From the recording Unfinished tracks

Vocals-Mark Orr, Michael Orr, Jonathan Orr


For a single golden coin you can rest in a fancy suite
Or go down in the well for some monsters to defeat
But you better take some coin or some small clothes you can sell
Cuz don’t be thinking Durnan won’t leave you in the well

Hallaster Blackcloak was a terrible arch mage
But the dwarves under the mountain just set him in a rage
So he dug out all their homes for his monsters there to dwell
Now people are just dying to go down in the well

Elminster says that Undermountain can be lots of fun
A famous place to carve out a reputation
But many who check in don’t check out of this hotel
And Faerun’s biggest mass grave is down, down the well

So we lift our glass to the pure, the bold the brave
There’s monsters there to face and maidens there to save
So we raise our cups and we bid a fond farewell
We hope to see ya’ again when you come back from the well