1. Luminous

From the recording Unfinished tracks


Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.
Luminous beings are we you must feel the force around you
And I feel the force between us ,Between you, between me
And I feel force the around us and the rock and the tree
Yes even between the land and the ship

Judge me not by my size and well you should not
Judge me not by my size for my ally is the force
And a powerful ally it is
life creates it makes it grow
Its energy surround us…and it binds us
Feel it flow, but remember you must learn control

A Jedi’s strength flows from the force
But beware of the dark side for if you follow that course
Forever will it dominate Your destiny
Forever will it dominate It will consume thee
Just like it Obi Wan's apprentice (and mine)

A Jedi uses the force for knowledge and defense
A Jedi uses the force never for attack
Excitement, Adventure.. A Jedi Craves not these things
You say he was great warrior, but wars not…make one great
For fear leads to anger…and anger …leads to hate
And hate leads to suffering

When 900 years old you reach look as good you will not
When gone am I you must pass on all I have taught
You say that I ask the impossible
That is why you fail
And you try and you cry and you cry
But that will not avail
Do or do not there is no try
Do or do not there is no try
Do or do not there is no try