Here are some links to other "Cool Nerds" That have chosen to trade some web space with me.  If you make or do nerdy things on the internet, feel free to email me and we can negotiate a trade agreement. 

The Orr Umbrella podcast

Two brothers that share my last name interviewing obscure celebrites and independant artists, as well as members of their own family.  Like me

A Gift of Serenity

A Gift Of Serenity is a Magic, Spiritual, Craft, LGBTQ+ & Recovery gift shop. Hand made items from one of my fellow cool nerds!




Ellsworth Creations


Elisabeth Ellsworht is  a Christian, Wife, and Stay-at-home Mom. I am a Geek and a lover of Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, TTRPGs and more. 

Elisabeth writes on her website:

Every creation is made by hand by me, and sometimes my amazing husband, Tanner. This means that no two items will ever be exactly the same; you get a unique product every time!