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This video features the Orr Umbrella podcast host Michael and Jonathan Orr, who happen to be my brothers.  It' an upbeat tune about a famous tavern in the famous fantasy world!

"Cool Nerd" LIve at the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle summer 2021.  This is a video of the "Cool Nerd (live)" audio that is on my first album, the Playtest.

First video from the album "Second Editon".  Recorded in two days on my phone and webcam, mostly at home with a couple of "on location" spots in my neighborhood.  This was my first attempt at this kind of video editing, and I"m really pleased with how it came out.  I used a free video editor called "shotcut" and it's awesome!

Smash (lyric video)

A sing-along video set to footage of my favorite Green superhero! (sorry Green Lantern, there can only be one favorite!)