Cool Nerd News

New project started + Preview track 

I have begun a project for 2024!  This multimedia project will be a 6-10 track album plus a D&D 5e adventure module!  The working title of the album is “Universally Spooky” and the adventure is “The Curse from the Tomb”.  The inspiration for this projetct came to me a couple of weeks before Halloween when I was watching some old horror films and also caught a youtube video about ranking the Universal Monster movies  and decided to watch them all.

While working on a checklist of all the movies I was going to…

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Second edition is out! 

After 7 months of work, my second album, appropriately titled "Second Edition" is Out!

You can listen to audio under the "albums" tab above, and also did a mention there is a video for the first track!!

The album will also be out on Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon, Apple music, YouTube, and many other services.  To check on those, you can click on the links above.

What's next?  Well, I plan on doing a video release party on June 3rd at 7 pm.  For details you can check out my Facebook event page.

I'll be hitting…

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Working on the new album! 

I've been doing some exciting work on the second Cool Nerd Mark Album, "Second Edition"!

I've focused on two songs, "Smash" and "Luminous"

One of the hardest parts of recording is getting timing right.

After taking Luminous to a song writer critique event and getting my mix pretty much envisorated for the timing, I went back to the studio and re-recorded several tracks, and timeshifted others, and I"m getting nearly ready to send that one into mixing mode.

I have plans for several other older songs I want…

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Finally got around to reviewing comments on this site (humorously redacted) 

I've been really busy recording this new album and keeping up with my day job, I neglected to approve the comments that our dedicated robot fans have been posting.  I do have a policy against having sponsers on the site that are

1. Evil


2. Aren't paying me any money for their advertisement.

Therefore, I have removed any links or brand identifiers, and added some embellishment in Italics to make this more amusing.  I hope in the future to collect more of your robot letters and have more fun mutilating…

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Second album production has started! 

Just started working on the next album this weekend.  I'm beginning to get into a routine for recording, the proces steps I've landed on are

1. Write the song (unless it was already written)

2. Choose Reference tracks--3 songs that are similar in style but professional mixed/mastered and commerically successful.  I can use these when mixing and/or recording as a comparison for certian things like loudness,tempo, effects, etc.

3. Create a "guide track"--a rough recording of the song that I can listen to in…

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Starting the next album: Studio Rennovation 

The first step in creating the sound I want for my second album project (tentatively titiled "Cool Nerd Mark: Second Edition") is improving my recording space.

(I thought about posting pictures, but then I thought better of putting all of my easily sellable gear on the internet in photographic form).  So here's a picture of the empty room from a realator site


My intention is to make some changes that will improve it aesthetically, but more important, accoustically

Here is my plan

1. Get rid of clutter--I…

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The Playtest Official Release! 

After spending a good deal of the summer working on my first EP under the name "Cool Nerd Mark", I've sent these six tunes to the world. 

Listen on Spotify!

Purchase mp3 album on Amazon for about six bucks or 99 cents a track!

Listen to songs on my Youtube Page

You can already view them at some of the links on top of this page, and by the middle of next week, I'll also be on Spotify, which will be HUGE!  Okay, at least for me.  It means that I've made something that I'm proud enough of to put out there in…

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